CG Automation & Fixture

Feyen Zylstra Automation Engineers were selected to provide the design, build, software, install and commissioning for multiple assembly cells being used to fabricate interior car door panels. These assembly cells were the end user’s first experience with interchangeable tooling cells and FZ is pleased to be providing this cost effective, long term solution.

The work consisted of designing two universal tooling cell controls panels that are capable of accepting any number of different tool packs. In addition to the design, FZ Automation built all the needed panels in our UL listed panel build facility. The number of tooling packs is expandable to meet the customer’s long term needs.

Our Automation team designed, built, and tested these panels at our automation operations office in Grand Rapids, MI. The equipment was then installed on our customer’s floor. Once accepted, FZ followed the equipment all the way to our customer’s end user facility.

In addition, FZ Automation experts also helped CG Automation & Fixture increase the production capacity by designing and programming two conveyor assembly lines for the MAGNA DexSy showcase facility in Lansing, MI. Each conveyor was designed in an oval shape, one with ten operator stations and the other with eight.

Feyen Zylstra engineers designed and built the main control cabinet for each conveyor assembly system. Cables were pulled from the main control cabinet for each operator station, and a PLC was designed and programmed to put the conveyor in motion. The integrated touch screen was designed to display faults and malfunctions in the production process while allowing maximum interaction with the equipment.

Overall, the equipment increased production capacity, as well as increased efficiency and performance on the plant floor.

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CUSTOMER: CG Automation & Fixture

LOCATION: Comstock Park, MI