Grupo Antolin

Over the years, FZ has helped design, build, and install equipment in multiple locations for CG Automation & Fixture. For Grupo Antolin, our Industrial Technology team helped CG get 24 machines up and running in Shelby Township, MI. The facility supplies Chrysler’s Sterling Heights Assembly Plant with interior car door parts for new vehicle production. 

Our team provided design, fabrication, assembly, and general troubleshooting assistance for 24 machines and stations, as well as electrical installation. Several of the machines were welders and backup stations. The work also included programming and debugging the cameras on the preassembly line and working on all aspects of the final weld machine, which controls two welding stations with up to 52 Telsonic Sonic Welder heads per station and a robotic clip installer. Our team adhered to an extremely rigorous schedule while working around other trades during construction. 

Also, when Grupo’s proprietary manufacturing execution system (MES), Blade, was not interacting properly with the facility’s machines, our team used a custom FZ solution to create a new system that tracks parts and stores weld point and screw torque data. While the system was under development, FZ discovered a flaw in their labeling system — multiple parts were being labeled with the same serial number. Without FZ’s custom solution, this flaw would have gone unnoticed and could have resulted in Chrysler rejecting the parts altogether.

In regards to our work on the project, Jim Davidson, an engineer at CG Automation & Fixture said, “I would like to thank all involved in the Detroit program. From the beginning of controls design through the set up and startup of the Detroit program in Shelby, the level of service has been tremendous. FZ is an easy company to deal with and the level of cross functional expertise is impressive. FZ is a huge part of the success of this project.” 

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Jim Ebels  


CUSTOMER: CG Automation & Fixture

LOCATION: Shelby Township, MI