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Sparta Area Schools believes in the power that technology can bring to students. Supporting this vision, Feyen Zylstra was happy to provide the multimedia technology for 74 elementary classrooms. FZ utilized fabrication skills to build “classroom carts” offsite in order to expedite the tight schedule and increase quality control.

Sparta Area Schools believes in the power that technology can bring to students. By incorporating multimedia technology into the classroom, curriculum becomes more powerful, the student’s ability to learn and grow is enhanced, and personalized learning is increasingly available.

Feyen Zylstra provided the technology infrastructure for Ridgeview and Appleview Elementary schools. Our work included providing the projection speakers and media devices for 74 classrooms and computer centers. Our team also partnered with the customer in a consulting capacity, working with them to design and purchase the technology needed for the project.

Owing to the nature of an educational facility, the entire project timeline was extremely compressed with a hard end date. The overall renovation schedule was set to take place within the short summer recess, with the audio visual portion being installed at the very end of the project after all other trades were finished. As the project progressed, the schedule was pushed back multiple times, making FZ’s schedule increasingly compressed.

In order to complete the work on time, our team had to find a creative solution for assembling, installing, and testing each classroom’s media package. Our team started by designing a mock-up classroom that could be used to test and troubleshoot the technology and multimedia. We then used the mock-up to build 74 carts that were fully equipped with all of the teacher technology equipment needed in each classroom.

By assembling the carts offsite in our prefabrication facility, our team was able to save staging space on site, streamline the process, increase quality control, and successfully complete the project on time and within budget. We were also able to test and trouble shoot each cart prior to it being installed, saving time onsite.

Once onsite, our team successfully delivered, installed, and tested all 74 classroom carts within the span of only one week. 

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