Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Managing construction projects, especially those with tight budgets and aggressive schedules, present complex challenges. BIM (Building Information Modeling) is one of the tools we regularly use to help our Project Management team exceed the expectations of our partners by completing their project on time and in budget.

Simply put BIM is the process of generating and managing critical project specific information during the pre-construction, construction and post construction phases of a project. A typical BIM model uses three-dimensional, real-time and dynamic modeling to identify and record dimensions and, in our case, routings for our conduit, cable tray as well as locations for our equipment. By utilizing the BIM process we are able to identify potential design and constructability issues before the actual installation starts. And, by identifying and resolving these issues during the pre-construction phase we are able to increase productivity and reduce and/or eliminate the costly changes that result when conflicts are discovered during construction. When utilized throughout the construction process, we are able to deliver a high quality set of “as built” BIM drawings to the owner at the completion of the project.

We have successfully utilized the BIM process on many projects and in a variety of industries including industrial/manufacturing, healthcare, commercial and air traffic control. 

It is our experience that the BIM process enhances the overall safety and efficient completion of any project.  

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