With construction schedules being compressed, construction sites becoming more congested, skilled manpower becoming harder and harder to find, and operating system becoming more complex the availability of working space on the construction site becomes a critical factor to the successful and on-time completion of the project.

As an electrical contractor we know the amount of space it takes to store our materials, not to mention the tools to cut, bend and thread conduit. The traditional method has been to have the bulk of the materials and tools needed for the entire project delivered and stored on site. These methods results in a lot of space dedicated solely to the storage of materials and the preparation of materials and equipment such as conduit, light fixtures, electrical equipment and cable for installation. The end result is the use of a lot of space and the accumulation of all of the associated scrap and packing materials.

At Feyen Zylstra, we have adopted pre-fabrication methods that allow us to unpack, assemble and prepare materials and custom built assemblies off site in our pre-fabrication shop. This substantially reduces the amount of storage and assembly space required on site. It also, reduces the average quantity of craftsmen we need on site which in turn reduces congestion.  

By utilizing our pre-fabrication methods we are able to deliver materials to the jobsite on an as-needed basis reducing overall congestion, eliminate a substantial amount of scrap and surplus materials from ever getting to the job site, increase the productivity of our field personnel and as a result contribute to the overall safety and cleanliness of the project.                                                  

Some examples of the services our pre-fabrication group provides are:

Unpack, assemble and lamp lighting fixtures (during this phase we identify missing and broken parts, remove and dispose of packing materials and prepare the fixtures for installation).

Cut and thread nipples and sleeves (this eliminates most of the shavings, cutting oil and scrap materials from the site).

Duct Banks

Electrical Rooms

Conduit Racks and Supports

Cable Runs

Communication, Receptacle and Fire Alarm drops

Conduit bends and offsets

Temporary Power Stations

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