Access Control Card System Installation

Access control is vital as industrial, commercial, and institutional organizations become increasingly security conscious. Access control systems are an effective component of a complete security system that allows absolute control over access to facilities, or particular units of an operation.

In healthcare, door access control can be critical to control the spread of disease and to ensure that only authorized personnel gain entry to special units, staff facilities, or supply areas. In life sciences, access control systems can be essential to protect the integrity of laboratory experiments. In business and industry, an access control system can help protect proprietary information.

Feyen Zylstra is well versed in the installation, wiring, and cabling of security systems including card access control systems for all major manufacturers. Our System Installations group will take the time to understand your business, how it works, and what it needs to successfully secure and control access. From there, card reader or other access control system technology is selected and customized to meet those needs.

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