Fire Alarm Systems Installation

It is important to choose an electrical contractor who specializes in fire alarm system installation.

Few systems in any plant, office, school, or other commercial/institutional facility are as critical as fire alarms. Feyen Zylstra treats the installation of fire alarm systems with the importance it deserves. 

We will carefully assess the unique processes, procedures, and configurations of your facility, and install a fire alarm system that helps ensure the safety of workers and visitors and minimize potential damage.

Solutions may include wired or wireless fire alarm systems to send alerts, activate fire suppression technologies, and summon assistance. Fire alarm systems may incorporate several types of sensing devices, and utilize multiple reporting mechanisms including light, sound, data relay, and system shut downs. All of our systems are designed and installed by Feyen Zylstra meet all NFPA guidelines.

Feyen Zylstra is experienced in the installation of fire alarm systems for facilities of all sizes and in virtually every industrial and institutional category. We work with technology and equipment provided by most leading fire alarm system manufacturers.

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