Industrial Motion

FZ specializes in updating, retro-fitting, and installing a number of industrial motion solutions for our customers. We offer safe solutions whether we’re working on a closed loop servo or multiple coordinated motions using CIP.

We work with many manufacturers and have developed an understanding of how industrial motion can be used for precise, interpolated motion using encoder feedback to ensure a repeatable result. The use of Rockwell, Parker, Kollmorgen, Exlar, and Bosch-Rexroth are all options when working with FZ .

We apply our knowledge and understanding of industrial motion to upgrade servo systems by adding a safe torque off option that is controlled via the Rockwell CIP motion card. Our engineers also upgrade roll forming, product dispensing, wire bending, drilling, XYZ tables, and many other applications. No matter the issue, FZ can work with you to design, install, commission, and maintain any motion system.

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