Industrial Networking

We bring the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to our customers. Along with providing a level of security for all data collection needs, we offer customers data that is visible at all levels of the business.

Working with a number of manufacturers, we have developed an understanding of how the Fourth Industrial Revolution is being driven through all industries. The use of remote monitoring devices, such as eWon, allows FZ to aid in the resolution of network issues by logging in via our office while providing the customer with data security. Other manufacturers include: Hirschmann, Allen-Bradley, and Phoenix Contact.

We apply our knowledge and understanding of network hardware/software and architecture to upgrade plant networks by installing faster Ethernet switches that use both traditional copper wire and fiber optic cabling. Our engineers also upgrade the data collection software to include connectivity to the plant MES/Ignition solution. No matter the issue, we can work with you to design, install, commission, and maintain any plant connectivity need.

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