Digital Products

As leaders in our industry, we help our customers acquire, manage, and utilize their production floor data to improve quality and efficiency while reducing costs.

Through our Industrial IoT Platform, we provide a clear, defined picture of what is happening on your shop floor through end-of-line dashboards, production tracking, OEE calculations, alerts and notifications, and machine status. We can demonstrate how powerful your data is by connecting to just one machine within your plant, and then expanding from there. Once the data is collected, our software development services bridge the gap between the plant floor and the office, ensuring that the information is delivered directly to the decision makers. With flexible hosting, distributed computing, and data accessibility on any device, decisions can be made anytime, anywhere. 


Software Capabilities 

  • Real-Time Production Data/OEE Metrics 
  • Customizable Dashboards 
  • Machine Status 
  • Customizable Data Flows 
  • Alarms + Notifications 

Software Approach 

  • Low Acquisition Costs 
  • Scalable Solutions 
  • Automatic Updates 
  • Bundled Features 
  • Flexible Hosting 

For More Information, Contact:

Jim Ebels