Software Development

We’re experts at acquiring and managing ‘big data.’ Our software development services allow customers to track productivity and quality by connecting the plant floor to the office. We provide real time production results, traceability, downtime tracking, OEE calculations, system status, data logging, and automatic report generation. From building a brand new system to improving an existing setup, Feyen Zylstra has the knowledge and tools to get the job done right.

Examples of the communication frameworks we integrate include the following:

  • RFID Readers or Badge Scanners
  • Bar Code Scanners
  • Printers
  • Laser Markers
  • Pin Stamp Markers
  • Telephony Devices


We offer a number of custom applications to perform the following tasks:

  • High-speed data acquisition including end of line testing and validation of electronic/electrical equipment.
  • Allowing an approved machine operator to use their employee badge to login on a work station, enabling the production of a machine to be traceable to an operator.
  • The logging of production data including: uptime, downtime, and EOO (overall equipment efficiency).
  • The synchronization of the manufacturing floor production databases to the corporate IT MES (manufacturing execution system).
  • Pushing data from one server to many manufacturing floor client computers allowing for centralized control that prevents unnecessary or unintentional redundancy.
  • Connecting data acquisition applications with Office 365’s active directory. This allows users to read/write calendars, look up users, read/create emails, utilize cloud based operations, and access share points.

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