Vision Inspection Solutions

Our experienced team of engineers has upgraded and integrated vision applications for the successful improvement and safety of operators. Industrial Technology is able to provide the entire solution from proof of concept to final install using proven lighting, lenses and camera solutions.

We have worked with a number of manufacturers to develop an understanding of the software and hardware required to solve precise and challenging applications. The use of frame grabbing software in high speed applications is just one example of the experience we bring to our customers. Feyen Zylstra has utilized the following manufacturers while creating successful vision solutions:

  • Cognex
  • PPT
  • DVT
  • Keyence
  • Banner
  • IPD

FZ applies their knowledge and understanding of industrial vision to improve real time inspection with either 2D or 3D solutions. Our engineers also have the ability to improve robotic installations, character recognize and verification, as well as color analysis and verification. No matter the issue, FZ will work with you to design, install, commission and maintain any vision system.

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