A knowledge-based company not only encourages, but depends upon the growth in skills and expertise of all personnel. To that end, we have created a collection of educational and training opportunities available to all Feyen Zylstra employees.

Feyen Zylstra is committed to providing ongoing opportunities for career growth for each of our employees, for their own benefit and the benefit of our clients. Our work groups handle a wide variety of projects and the learning opportunities within these groups are endless. They include, among others, apprenticeships, technicians, management, factory maintenance, machine trouble-shooting, electrical design engineering, and controls/automation engineering training.

Feyen Zylstra employees are challenged to continue their personal growth, in order to equip themselves to take on future opportunities and added responsibilities. Some of the many ongoing opportunities available at Feyen Zylstra include:

Apprenticeship Training Program

Thinking about an electrical career?

We’re now accepting applications for our Apprenticeship Training Program which starts this fall! Regardless of your experience, we have the education and training to equip you to be a successful electrician.

Apprenticeship Training Program Details:
- We pay for your apprenticeship training classes, books, uniform and safety equipment.
- You are hired as a full time employee and get paid to train on-the-job.
- You are eligible for full time employee benefits and 401k per standard eligibility requirements.
- We have a one-to-one ratio of experienced journeymen electricians to apprentices to help mentor and guide you.
- Our Apprenticeship Training is a four year program. In four years, you will have 8,000 hours of on-the-job training and work experience as well as 576 hours of classroom time.
- You attend apprenticeship classes 1-2 nights/week during the school year and depending on your work location.
- After you are finished with the program, you will gain a certificate of completion from the U.S. Department of Labor that is transferable and recognizable across the nation.
- You are then eligible to take and pass a state test to receive your journeyman’s license in applicable states.

Qualities of Great Electricians:
- A curious mind
- Mechanical and technical aptitude
- Good hand-eye coordination
- Fine attention to detail
- Good communication
- Excellent follow-through
- Eager to learn
- Interest in fixing things
- Physical strength

Long Term Career Path:
- Once you’ve completed the program and gain experience in the electrical field, you can pursue a technical or leadership career path within the electrical industry.
- Our apprentices have become master electricians, account managers, project managers, and group leaders.
- We offer ongoing training and tuition assistance to all of our employees.

How to Apply:
- Email your resume to:
- (Microsoft Word or PDF formats only)

Computer Classes

These courses are ongoing and can be scheduled to fit your schedule. They cover a wide variety of topics including basic keyboard functions, MS Windows Operations, as well as Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced classes in MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, MS Project and MS Access.

CPR and First Aid

This class is taught on an as-needed basis. Every Feyen Zylstra employee is required to have a valid CPR/First Aid card.

Lift Class

This class is taught on an as-needed basis. A valid Feyen Zylstra Lift Card is required for all of those that work on Feyen Zylstra construction sites or are periodically required to utilize a lift of any type.

Powder Actuated Tool Certification

This class is taught on as-needed basis by a manufacturers representative. All employees utilizing a powder-actuated tool are required to hold the proper certification.

Fall Protection Awareness

This brief overview of MIOSHA regulations is presented during the employee orientation program, and on an as-needed basis. A valid Fall Protection card is required for all of those that work on Feyen Zylstra construction sites.

Confined Space Training

This class is taught on an as-needed basis at Feyen Zylstra by a MIOSHA representative as well some of our internal talent as it relates our equipment. This is available to all employees who find themselves working in confined spaces.

National Electrical Code Class

Periodic code updates are conducted internally as necessary. General overviews are available on a semester basis through local universities and trade schools. This class is available to all journeypersons. Apprentices may enroll with pre-approval.

Journeyperson Test Prep Material

A wide range of material is available to assist you in obtaining your electrical license. These range from books, videos, web-based practice tests, and take-home practice tests, to two-day weekend seminars and semester long code classes. Most of this information is available to all; seminars and classes are available to those beyond their orientation period and are approved on an individual basis.

Technical Skill Courses

Courses are available at both overview and in-depth levels. Overview courses are conducted annually and are open to all. In-depth courses are designed for the high-level licensed electrician and technician. Topics for both in-depth and overview classes include programmable logic controllers (PLCs), electronics, variable speed drives, etc. These courses are taught at a local community college or university and handled through our tuition reimbursement program.

Project Management Workshops

These workshops focus on areas such as the value of detailed project planning and open communication, effective coordination and how to run jobs efficiently, understanding the cost of change orders, as well as motivating work crews. These workshops are facilitated by consulting partners on an as-needed basis.

NFPA 70e Training

Covers the full range of electrical safety issues, including safety-related work practices, maintenance, special equipment requirements and installation. It focuses on protecting people and identifies requirements that are considered necessary to provide a workplace that is free of electrical hazards. OSHA bases its electrical safety mandates, found in subpart S part 1910 and subpart K part 1926, on the comprehensive information found in the standard. NFPA 70e is recognized as the tool that illustrates how an employer might comply with these OSHA standards. The relationship between the OSHA regulations and NFPA 70e can be described as OSHA is the “shall” and the “how.”

OSHA 10 Hour

This 10-hour program presents an overview of OSHA regulations for the construction industry. Detailed information is presented to enable the participant to develop an accident prevention plan as required by the OSHA Construction Safety Standard. An overview of OSHA inspection procedures is presented as well as the most frequently cited OSHA violations in the construction industry. Participants gain detailed information regarding construction and health standards relative to the industry. Students will receive a 10-hour card upon successful completion of the class.

Feyen Zylstra Tuition Assistance Program

Feyen Zylstra will assist you in funding a wide variety of learning experiences that promote not only your personal growth but in the growth of the organization. These include classes taken at local trade schools and universities as well as specific professional seminars. All full-time employees are eligible.