Bridgestone ORR Plant (Phase I and II)

The Bridgestone ORR (Off Road Radial) Tire Plant in Aiken, SC, is the first of its kind in the United States to manufacture large off road radial tires used in mining equipment and vehicles. Feyen Zylstra provided all of the power distribution and lighting systems for this 1.5 million square foot facility. We also installed the fire alarm system as well as the infrastructure for the facility’s low voltage systems.

Our team’s flexibility was crucial in completing the accelerated schedule on time. At one point, we split our work crew into two shifts in order to minimize worksite congestion for other trades. Our onsite project team’s rapid response time also allowed for decisions to be made quickly as the site conditions changed.  

Our performance on Phase I of the project significantly contributed to being awarded the Phase II expansion. Phase II of the project involved a 600,000 square foot expansion of the existing tire plant. Our team installed all of the lighting and electrical power distribution for the new addition. 

On both project phases, we utilized our Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities to provided valuable solutions and avoid installation conflicts. Our use of BIM allowed our team to identify assemblies to be fabricated off site. Our ability to fabricate these assembles in a controlled environment helped improve the installation’s efficiency, increase the assemblies’ overall quality, and reduce the number of workers needed onsite. 

This project represents the largest and safest project ever completed by Feyen Zylstra, with over 175,000 man-hours performed without a single recordable incident. 

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