Grand Rapids Christian High School

Feyen Zylstra provided all of the power and lighting for the addition and remodel of Grand Rapids Christian High School. Our team accomplished all of the site work while keeping the building fully functional as to not disturb the regular school operations. This project spanned 18 months and was a multi-phase project that included outfitting the IT room, school office, classrooms, and gymnasium.

This rigorous schedule called for our team to work two shifts in a highly congested work area riddled with other tradesmen. At one point our team switched the transformer and main power during a tight 18 hour planned shutdown. Our team finished early, allowing an inspector to approve our work so that the school could be operated. Had we not succeeded, the entire school would have been shut down until the main power was restored.   

For More Information, Contact:

Derek Hunderman  |  616-706-171  


CUSTOMER: Rockford Construction

LOCATION: Grand Rapids, MI