Pennock Hospital

Feyen Zylstra installed an underground conduit line from the meter cabinet to Pennock Hospital in Hastings, MI. Using the horizontal directional drilling method (directional boring), they installed a one and a half inch conduit that will allow a phone line to be fed into the building so that the meter can be monitored. Horizontal directional drilling is a steerable, trenchless method of installing underground conduit which causes minimal damage to surrounding areas. This method requires lengthy preplanning to locate and flag the existing electrical, communication, water, sewer, and gas lines in the ground. As safety is a number one priority at Feyen Zylstra, this preplanning stage protects the entire crew from potentially hitting an underground line which can lead to injury. After these lines were located and marked, drilling took place causing minimal impact to the parking lot at Pennock Hospital. As always, customers rely on us to leave the worksite in perfect condition, free from any cracks or piles of dirt that are telltale signs that drilling had taken place.

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CUSTOMER: Spectrum Health

LOCATION: Hastings, MI