Spectrum Health- Data Center

Winner of the 2007 ABC Award of Excellence in Low Voltage Category

Feyen Zylstra worked closely with Spectrum Health’s IT staff to design the routing of all fiber optic and enhanced category six cables in the Data Center. The first challenge was sizing the overhead and under floor cable tray to accommodate the larger diameter of tengig cable. A second challenge was that the building structure itself was specially designed to handle any natural catastrophe, meaning nothing could be supported by the ceiling. As a result, Feyen Zylstra designed and fabricated special brackets to support all of the overhead trays from the floor. Over four thousand ten gig cables and three thousand strands of fiber were installed in a room that was just 2,200 square feet in a two month time frame. 

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John Riley  |  johnr@fzcorp.com


CUSTOMER: Spectrum Health

LOCATION: Grand Rapids, MI